Pricing Information

In line with regulatory requirements, we are required to publish pricing information for select types of privately funded immigration work.

For pricing on other areas of Law we cover and for more complex Immigration matters including Asylum / Human rights and Appeals related work, we encourage you to contact us in order to provide a more in-depth analysis of your requirements.

Example Fixed Fee Price Range:

The majority of immigration work we do is done on a Fixed Fee basis. This means that we will quote to you at the start of a matter a single fee for all of our professional work from the start to the end of your case.  This does not include Home Office fees or other Disbursements, VAT or Translation / Interpretation services, but we will do our best to indicate the likelihood and price range of these costs at the beginning of your matter and agree a fixed price for them where possible. More information is provided below. The costs in your matter are based on various factors such as the average amount of hours preparing the application should take, the complexity of your matter, how many documents need to be considered, whether you have any dependent(s) on your application or are applying as a dependent amongst others. As such, it is very difficult to provide accurate estimates without assessing your individual needs in an initial consultation. As a guideline we have provided costs of consultation and some of the more common types of applications below:

NB: Prices below do not include VAT and will be chargeable at 20% if applicable.

Initial Consultations:

Director / Senior Solicitor £300 – £500
Solicitor £250 – £300

Visa Applications:

Visit visa: general, business, paid engagement, study, medical etc. £1000 – £3000
Work visa: Health and care worker, skilled worker, Graduate, Youth mobility, India young professionals, Global talent, , High potential individual £1500 – £3500
Work (overseas employer): Senior / Specialist (global business mobility), Overseas domestic worker, Graduate trainee, Secondment, UK Expansion, Representative of overseas business, £2000 – £5000
Work (temporary): Seasonal, Government authorised exchange, Creative, Religious, Charity, International Agreement, £2000 – £5000
Work: Innovator Founder £3500 – £8000
Other work: International sportsperson, Minister of religion, Scale-up, Frontier worker, etc £3500 – £6500
Sponsorship for Employers £4000 – £10,000
Study: Student, Child student, Study English, £1000 – £2500
Family: Family and Private life, Ukraine Family scheme, EU Settlement family permit £1500 – £2500
Ukraine schemes, British National overseas, Windrush £1500 – £3500
Indefinite leave to remain / settlement,  £1500 – £2500
 Citizenship / Nationality £1500 – £2500

Hourly Rate

In certain specific cases and circumstances, some work may be chargeable at an Hourly Rate. If this is the case you will be advised of the projected number of hours this work will take, and we will confirm with you before we proceed. Hourly rates vary based on the seniority and level of experience of the person undertaking the work for you. It may be more effective in some matters for multiple people at various seniority levels to undertake different aspects of the work for you. For example, a Senior Solicitor / Consultant may have overall conduct and supervision and initial consultation with you; a Trainee Solicitor might deal with correspondence to yourself and the Home Office, considering your evidence and finalising an application; and a Paralegal may provide administrative assistance such as photocopying and drafting. Below is a summary table of our current hourly charges:


£300 – £400

Senior Solicitor / Consultant

£250 – £350

Solicitor / Consultant

£200 – £300

Trainee Solicitor

£150 – £200

Paralegal / Researcher

£100 – £150

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What is covered

Professional Work
: Although the specific work in your matter will vary depending on your individual circumstances and various factors, the pricing examples above include any professional work that we undertake during the course of your matter. This will principally include taking your instructions with regard to your current situation and immigration status, advising you on the relevant laws and procedures, preparing and submitting your application, corresponding with the Home Office, courts, or third parties where relevant and generally seeing the matter through to its conclusion.

What is not covered

Disbursements:  These are charges which are incurred on your behalf during the course of your matter, such as Home Office Fees, UKVI Fees, Immigration Health Surcharge, Court Fees, Payments made to Third Parties on your behalf, Instruction of Experts, non-routine Postal / Courier charges, and any travel and meeting expenses incurred on our behalf amongst others. We usually handle the payment of disbursements on your behalf and these will be in addition to the fees you pay for our professional work. In the case that any disbursements are payable, you will be advised of the same and we will confirm that you are happy to proceed before any such payment is made.

The Home Office regularly updates and publishes their current fees for visas here:

Counsel: In the event that we need to instruct a Barrister (Counsel) in the course of your matter, their fees will be payable by you. The cost of Counsel will vary again depending on your individual matter, how many hearings they must attend and the complexity of the work they must do, amongst other things. As an example, some of our most commonly instructed Counsel will charge a fixed fee up to £350 (plus VAT if applicable) for a single hearing and preparatory work leading up to it at a Judicial Review stage. In the case of hourly work, they may charge between £200 – £400 (plus VAT if applicable) depending on the level of work involved. As with any thing else beyond our own professional work, the specifics will be discussed and tailored to your case and will be confirmed with you before going ahead.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
: VAT is not applicable in all cases and only usually applies to persons who have had some form of leave to remain in the United Kingdom (not as a visitor but in another form). VAT is a Government Tax which is charged at 20% over the prices listed above if applicable.


Every case is different and there can be many variables that effect how long it takes to know the outcome of your application. We will try our best to advise you of a timescale during our initial consultation and update you as soon as possible if there is any reason this may change. For example, the Home Office may require further documentation or have certain questions to clarify any part(s) of your application. In general, we will aim to consider, finalise and submit your application between 1-3 weeks after our initial consultation with you, provided that you have all the evidence / documents we have advised you to collate available. After submission of your application, we will have to wait for the Home Office to complete their process. As a general guide, the Home Office does publish processing times for various types of application, but these are again subject to the particulars of your specific application, and whether there is any more information / evidence they require amongst other things. We will chase up the Home Office where possible, and keep you informed and updated along the way. You can view the current Home Office visa processing times here:

Key Stages

In the types of applications that we have listed in this guide, the specifics can vary greatly, and we will need to tailor our procedures and professional work to you. This is part of our service and we pride ourselves on having a dynamic and personal approach to each and every client. As a general guide there are some key stages that will take place:

Initial Consultation: This is our first appointment with you where we will discuss what exactly you wish to achieve with your immigration status. We will look over your immigration history, your current status, the specifics of your requirements, and any all documentation / evidence you bring with you. We will advise you on the relevant law and procedures, and which type of application will be best suited to your needs. We will inform you of the merits of your application based on our experience and advise you of timescales, agree a fixed fee with you, and define as clearly as possible what possible disbursements or extra costs may be incurred on your behalf. If you decide to instruct us to continue with your matter, the cost of this consultation will be taken off the total price of your application.

Client Care: We will accept your instruction formally and write you a detailed letter outlining the specifics of your case and what you have told us. This letter will also formally include the advice we have given you, the procedure we have proposed to follow, the timescales that are likely for the completion of our work for you, and the costs that we have agreed. With this you will also receive a copy of the terms of our business relationship with you.

Considering and Preparing Your Application: We will review the documentation and evidence you bring us and inform you if there is anything further we require in order to strengthen your application. It is important you co-operate with us at this stage as quickly as possible in order to avoid delays in finalising your application.

Submitting Your Application: Once we have drafted the application and are satisfied that all the requirements have been met, and all the evidence we need from you is in place. We will confirm with you whether you are happy to proceed and if you have any more queries. We will show you how to make payment for any relevant Home Office or UKVI fees or Immigration Health Surcharges or make the payment on your behalf with your permission if you have already provided us with the funds to cover charges. We will then prepare a cover letter for your application and prepare a bundle of documents to be submitted. There are various ways that applications can be submitted, and they may be done online, by post or in person with interviews etc. depending on the type of service you have requested. You will be advised of all the available options at the start of your matter. You will usually also be required to enrol Biometric Information and we will advise of how and where to do this.

Outcome: The Home Office will usually notify us of the outcome of your matter. They may contact you directly. If your application has been successful then the Home Office will usually return to us any original documents you have submitted. They may also provide a biometric card or endorsed passport if applicable. We will arrange with you how to collect everything and we will proceed to close your file.

Further Steps: In our last appointment we will explain to you the exact length and type of leave you have been given, and when you should apply to renew it. We will explain to you our file closing procedures and either provide you with or send you a letter explaining what you need to know at this stage.

If your application was refused we will discuss with you the reasons given for refusal and what recourse there is available to you, whether that be resubmission or appealing the decision if applicable. We will advise you at the time of our costs in continuing to act for you and confirm whether you wish to keep us instructed us going forward.


The pricing and information on this page are meant only as a guide and is a regulatory requirement from the Solicitors Regulation Authority in an effort to create more transparency between Solicitors and prospective clients. It should in no way be considered advice or the basis of a Solicitor-Client relationship. The information and content of this page may be subject to change at any time and without notice. We recommend that you contact us, for more specific information tailored to your needs. We further advise you to read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages.